15 Seconds Introduction to CONNECT

23 February, 2023

As autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more reality wouldn’t you like to find out more on their safety concepts? Under the motto “Never trust, always verify” the CONNECT project is working on the next generation trust management framework.

But what does this mean in detail?

More insights on relevant topics through short facts or more detailed easy to understand fact sheets, and of course through our partners explanations in videos or publications will be published from now on regularly.

To get some first insights have a look at the CONNECT project’s summary of objectives through this 15 sec video:
1️⃣ Zero-Trust solution
2️⃣ Safe and secure solutions
3️⃣ Enabling trustworthy & resilient safety-critical automotive services

CONNECT (Horizon Europe Project) in 15 seconds (16:9) from Technikon on Vimeo.