CONNECT at VNC 2023 Conference

16 May, 2023

The 2023 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2023) held in Istanbul, Türkiye, from 26-28th April 2023, was an incredible event for anyone interested in automotive research. With its 14th edition, VNC has become the go-to conference for individuals passionate about cooperative and autonomous driving, as well as vehicular communication at large. UULM organized the conference with the aim of presenting some of the most outstanding research in the field of automotive research. The conference was organized by UULM, the scientific lead of CONNECT, with the the aim of presenting some of the most outstanding research in the field of automotive research. The event provided an excellent platform for professionals to connect with each other, share insights, and initiate stimulating conversations.

The CONNECT team presented two papers during the conference.

Privacy of Smart Traffic Lights Systems,” by Artur Hermann, Michael Wolf, Nataša Trkulja, Ines Ben Jemaa, Anis Bkakria  and Frank Kargl (UULM, IRTSX)
Smart traffic lights systems (STLSs) are a promising approach to improve traffic efficiency at intersections. They rely on the information sent by vehicles via C2X communication (like in cooperative awareness messages (CAMs)) at the managed intersection. While there exists a large body of work on privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) for cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (cITS) in general, such PETs like changing pseudonyms often impact the performance of cITS applications. This paper analyzes the extent to which different PETs affect the performance of two types of STLSs, a phase-based and a reservation-based STLS. These are implemented in SUMO and combined with four different PETs. Through extensive simulations we then investigate the impact of those PETs on STLS performance metrics like time loss, waiting time, fuel consumption, and average velocity. Our analysis shows that the impact of PETs on performance varies greatly depending on the type of STLS. Finally, we propose a hybrid STLS which is a combination of the two STLS types as a potential solution for limiting the negative impact of PETs on performance.

Comparative Evaluation of PKI and DAA-Based Architectures for V2X Communication Security” by A. Angelogianni  I. Krontiris, and T. Giannetsos (UBITECH, HUAWEI)
The emerging Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) landscape is expanding in terms of security and trust requirements, to provide the necessary enablers for the safety of critical operations (i.e., collision avoidance). To this extend, Public Key Infrastructure (PKIs) and Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA) schemes have been proposed by the literature, in order to provide authenticity over the exchanged messages. DAA schemes can help address several challenges of centralized PKIs by offering a more scalable solution for pseudonym certificate reloading and revocation. This paper is the first to implement a DAA-based solution and then do a methodological comparison of the two schemes side-by-side based on an experimental evaluation. The acquired results do not directly dictate one prevailing solution, but rather suggest the need for an integrated approach converging concepts from both schemes, in order to better accommodate the needs of future C-ITS systems.

The next IEEE VNC conference is being planned for spring 2024 in Kobe, Japan.