CONNECT contribution to ISO standardization work

1 December, 2022

ISO Technical Committee 204 on ‘Intelligent Transport Systems’ has recognized that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data standardization is gaining momentum in all different domains of standardization. Consequently, WG20 on ‘Big Data and Artificial Intelligence supporting ITS’ has been established to work on Intelligent Transport Systems specific use cases in this field.

To that end, ISO TC204 WG20 has launched a call for contribution to obtain appropriate ITS specific and AI and/or Big Data relevant input for this standardization work. Collected inputs will be published in the ISO technical report TR 12786 titled “Intelligent transport systems — Big data and artificial intelligence supporting intelligent transport systems — Use cases”.

CONNECT is proud on its contribution to this effort with a use case ‘Edge Misbehaviour Detection for V2X data reliability’ describing envisaged project results on strengthening the reliability of the semantics of V2X messages which is essential to the operation of autonomous vehicles presented by Francesca Bassi (IRTSX) and Peter Schmitting (FSCOM).