CONNECT Explained

9 May, 2023

The European vision of CCAM (Cooperative Connected & Automated Mobility) is all about creating a collaborative, constantly connected infrastructure for vehicles. By enabling autonomous cars to exchange information with surrounding vehicles and infrastructure, road safety and traffic efficiency can be enhanced, minimizing human reaction time and eliminating traffic jams. However, the question of data security arises, as malicious adversaries can compromise the integrity of the vehicle by altering or manipulating data in the system-of-systems chain.

CONNECT adopts the principle of “Never trust – always verify” to establish a dynamic trust management framework for the CCAM ecosystem. It considers every entity to have zero trust initially, requiring two components to establish a trust relationship: an automated, real-time risk and assurance assessment mechanism, and a reasoning mechanism. The framework also employs a Root-of-Trust for a trusted execution environment, enabling continuous authentication and authorization to construct verifiable chains of trust. With CONNECT’s solution, the future of CCAM is looking more secure and promising.