CONNECT @ITS European Congress 2023

25 May, 2023

CONNECT made a strong impact at the ITS European Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 23, 2023, by hosting a compelling panel discussion on the “Roadmap towards adoption of dynamic trust assurances for sustainability in CCAM,” organized by Athanasios Giannetsos, UBITECH. This congress provides a valuable platform for showcasing the project’s dedication to advancing intelligent transport systems, promoting innovative solutions, and integrating technology, policy, and business perspectives to enhance transportation efficiency, safety, and sustainability. The panel on trust in CCAM received significant attention, sparking engaging discussions and highlighting the pressing need to explore and address the complexities of trust in the realm of Connected and Automated Mobility. Exciting technologies are being developed to tackle these challenges.


  • Ioannis Krontiris, Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH – Moderator
  • Prof. Frank Kargl, Ulm University
  • Athanasios Giannetsos, Ubitech Ltd.
  • Tim Leinmueller, DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH
  • Kurt Eckert, Robert Bosch GmbH

Recent technologies of wireless cooperative vehicular networks supporting Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communications are expected to greatly enhance autonomous driving through perception sharing, path planning, real-time local updates, and coordinated driving. These features facilitate the next generation of Intelligent Transport Systems solutions for cooperative autonomous driving applications. Moreover, with the future adoption of 5G and beyond, connected and autonomous vehicles are likely to generate and exchange a huge volume of data, provided that they are able to guarantee the required quality of this data for functional safety. At the same time, Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) brings processing power near the vehicle to meet ultra-low-latency requirements. So overall, the new services will be operated in a Multi-MNO, Multi-OEM and multi-vendor environments, which makes it imperative to study not only security and privacy challenges, but also the establishment of trust to data and entities.

For instance, driving on the road requires trust in others and the infrastructure, but in reality, we never completely trust – not us, not other drivers or what is ahead of us. Therefore, how can we be sure about the data integrity and level of trust in connected cars that cooperatively need to execute a safety-critical function? How does this relate to the safety requirements of connected and automated functions? What new challenges emerge from the multi-MNO, multi-OEM and multi-vendor ecosystem in Edge deployments? In this presentation, we will be diving into the details of trust management and why vehicles need to make dynamic assessments of trust as an enabling factor for the secure communication and data sharing with other CCAM entities (i.e., vehicles, Road-Side Units, MEC, etc.).