Fact Sheet 1: Trust Assessment

23 March, 2023

The first CONNECT Fact Sheet: Trust Assessment discusses one of the main elements of the CONNECT framework and, in more detail, the trust management framework. It provides a great introduction to the role trust plays within the CONNECT project using examples and explanations. The examples and the problems that trust assessment tackles can also be explored through two short videos (Simply click on the images within the document or watch the videos below).

In more detail, it then continues to outline the design of a trust management framework, reasoning under uncertainties and making trust decisions. It is clear from the discussion that trust management is a key ingredient to safe and secure CCAM systems. The requirement is that this assessment of trust relationships is quantifiable, verifiable, and assessable both at design- and runtime. Therefore, CONNECT works towards a technical implementation of such trust assessment as part of the trust management framework.

Authors: Ana Petrovska, Natasa Trukulja, Artur Hermann, Frank Kargl

CONNECT – Trust Animation – False Data

CONNECT – Trust Animation – Correct Data