In Talk with Alexander Kiening (DENSO): Use Case “Vulnerable Road User Protection”

30 June, 2023

The second use case of the CONNECT project is represented by DENSO – “Vulnerable Road User Protection through Adaptive Cruise Control.” This concept aims to enhance cooperative adaptive cruise control with trust-based decisions. By sharing data among vehicles, a unified driving planning system can be created, resulting in efficient and collision-free traffic flow at intersections. However, the reliability of the shared data is a challenge. To address this, the use case focuses on evaluating data trustworthiness and implementing dynamic decision-making strategies to compensate for potential system deficits. The goal is to create a stable, resilient, and safe driving environment, even in the presence of attacks or manipulated data. This innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize intersection management and make transportation smoother and safer for all road users.

Listen to the interview with Alexander Kiening, Technical Manager at DENSO Germany discusses the details of the use case. Don’t miss the last part of the interview, where the technology is explained in a way that younger audiences can easily understand.


CONNECT Project – Use case (DENSO / Alexander Kiening) from Technikon on Vimeo.