28 November, 2023

The CONNECT project recently delved into the heart of automotive innovation at the “Towards the Sustainable Vehicle Era” workshop organized by CARS and PEIC labs at PoliTO. Held on November 14 and 15, 2023, this two-day event was a key exploration into the future of low-emission vehicles, automation, and connectivity. Day one, centered on “Future Trends in Low Emission Vehicles,” featured experts from academia and industry. The second day focused on “Automated and Connected Vehicles,” exploring the intersection of AI and automotive technology. Expert discussions spanned advanced driver assistance to full autonomy, accompanied by a prototype exhibition showcasing the future of connectivity. Thanks to Marco, who not only attended but also contributed, to that great workshop. The workshop not only enriched our understanding but also fortified our commitment to shaping connected and sustainable transportation. CONNECTs participation not only enhances our collective knowledge but also serves as a visual testament to the collaborative journey towards tomorrow’s roads.