Scientific Publications

14 February, 2024

Paper published at ESCAR Europe 2023

In-vehicle Trust Assessment Framework

Authors: N. Trkulja; A. Hermann; A. Petrovska; A. Kiening; A. Ramon Ferraz de Lucena, F. Kargl

10 July, 2023

Paper published at AsiaCCS conference 2023

ZEKRA: Zero-Knowledge Control-Flow Attestation (pre-camera version Open Access)

Heini Bergsson Debes; Thanassis Giannetsos; Edlira Dushku; Ali Marandi

3 July, 2023

Paper published in IEEE Internet of Things Magazine

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) — Security, Privacy, Trust, and Reputation Management for Connected Vehicles
Authors: A. Drobot, T. Zhang, M. L. Buonarosa, F. Kargl, S. Schwinke and B. Sikdar

23 June, 2023

Paper published in IEEE VTC Spring 2023

Securing Cooperative Intersection Management through Subjective Trust Networks
Authors: Frank Kargl, Nataša Trkulja, Artur Hermann, Florian Sommer, Anderson Ramon Ferraz de Lucena, Alexander Kiening, Sergej Japs

15 May, 2023

Paper published in IEEE VNC 2023

Comparative Evaluation of PKI and DAA-Based Architectures for V2X Communication Security
Authors: A. Angelogianni I. Krontiris, and T. Giannetsos

11 January, 2023

Paper published in Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles

An ML-Aided Reinforcement Learning Approach for Challenging Vehicle Maneuvers
Authors: Dinesh Cyril Selvaraj, Shailesh Hegde, Nicola Amati, Francesco Deflorio and Carla Fabiana Chiasserini

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